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The M32 Project is a DIY Skatepark and Community space. The DIY Skatepark #M32SPOT has been built around 6 years ago and it is the only free undercover skate spot in Bristol. Enjoyed by people from all over Bristol, it is also a playground for local children.  The #M32fleamarket was founded by LitterARTI - A local arts organisation working with communities facing social and environmental neglect.  It was one of the ideas from the local community and brings economic benefit into the area with many traders living locally while brightening up the area with creativity! 

The space under the motorway is not always friendly and is also known for its issues including litter, fly-tipping, prostitution and drug dealing. However what the skatepark has shown is by people using the space positively, drug-pushing and prostitution has gone down. Litter in the space is managed by regular clear ups with the support from Bristol City Council and Community Payback. The fly-tipping is still an issue, with the lack of prosecution making it difficult to manage. 

However working with our partners and the local community we continue to bring positive energy into the space and believe like will attract like. 


Pre-loved clothing,


Great finds from our regular traders, be ready to haggle! 




Eclectic is the name of the game, with a wide price range for the curious buyer.

Arts, crafts, 

prints, jewellery

We have a range of local artists and makers who regularly sell their wonders.

Food and drinks

Locally made and super tasty. 

Some of our best Moments

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