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Cancellation policy

If the market gets cancelled (bad weather / illness)

we will return £10 back to you. (£5 of the booking fee goes towards admin, organisation, promotion and insurance. ) we will deal with this as and when...)

If you need to cancel for any reason within time until the day before the market and we are able to re-allocate your stall, we will refund you £10.

£5 goes towards admin.

If we are not able to fill your stall, we will refund you £5. 

If you have to cancel on the day, we can't  refund you, as we would have lost out on a stall. 

**Please remind us of any of these arrangements, as the admin system is a work in progress at the moment and information might get lost. 

Information for the day

  • Please arrive at 10am and clear up at 4pm.

  • SET up: Please look for the marked out stalls. behind the dot. Pick your own spot

  • Bring your own table etc. 

  • ALLOW SPACE on the walkway. This is a shared walkway (bikes and pedestrians) please allow enough space for visitors to move around.

  • Stalls are 3m wide  - 2m deep

  • Contact Number on the day:

  • EDUARDO MOBILE NUMBER: 07934 388 590

  • TOILET: Please use Desi Eats the cafe opposite the spot. We have an arrangement with them to use the loo, please be considerate of their other customers, and queue outside if there are more than 2 people waiting. They do hot drinks and have non cow milk available. 

  • PARKING:  On Stapleton Road and New Stadium Road

  • FOOD BUSINESSES: we would need hygiene certificates from you



  • Ensure you bring your own water, drinks and food

  • Please take everything with you after the market as we do not have capacity to dispose of anything.

  • Leave enough space for people to move around.


Promoting yourself

It is important to remind visitors what's on offer!

Especially important for makers, and artists.


Find the event page 

join the facebook group:




We will repost stories if you tag #m32fleamarket

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